Hard Drive Shredding

Hard DriveCorporate Business Services can shred your decommissioned hard drives on-site or off-site with our Hard Drive Shredding services. Our top of the line Hard Drive Shredder can process over 900 hard drives per hour. Do you have other storage media besides hard drives? No problem - see our Data Tape Shredding services section for more details.

In our fast-paced, high-tech world, data is being accumulated at an alarming rate and the number of criminals seeking to steal personal information is on the rise. With this looming threat, you cannot simply delete, erase or overwrite files on your old hard drives without putting your organization and/or your customers at risk. The liabilities could be staggering. While reformatting & wiping is time consuming and hard drive degaussing has become unreliable, hard drive shredding is the only way to completely destroy your hard drive and the sensitive information it contains.

See our Hard Drive Crushing service for a destruction alternative to shredding.

Hard Drive Shredding Process Overview

1. Preparation
Customer compiles all hard drives that are to be shredded. There is no need to remove server trays prior to destruction.
2. Inventory (optional)
All hard drives are inventoried by serial number. Inventory can be done on-site or off-site.
3. Hard Drive Shredding
Hard Drives are shredded using our industrial shredder that is capable of shredding up to 900 hard drives per hour.
4. 100% Recycling
Shredded hard drives are 100% recycled for the various metals they contain, making this a 100% Green Destruction Solution!
5. Certificate of Destruction
Customer is issued a Certificate of Destruction, which is appended by the inventory list of shredded hard drives.
Mobile Hard Drive Shredding Truck

Our Hard Drive Shredding Truck

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