Data Tape Shredding

Our Data Tape Shredding services can help you securely destroy any type of data tape, round reels, optical media and even cell phones. Similar to our Hard Drive Shredding service, the shredding can be done at the customer site, or at our secure facility. If you want an extra layer of security, we can degauss the magnetic media through our Data Tape Degaussing service. For all Data Tape Shredding projects, a Certificate of Destruction is issued to fulfill information audit requirements.

All shredded magnetic and optical media is incinerated. The incineration plant utilized by Corporate Business Services converts the shredded media into energy that is fed back into the community. This final step in the process allows all of our media shredding projects to be 100% Green!

Data Tape Shredding Process Overview

1. Pickup
Media is picked up from customers location and transported back to Corporate Business Services' facility in Landover, MD.
2. Inventory (optional)
Corporate Business Services recommends that any data tape with a Volser number be inventoried prior to destruction.
3. Shredding
All media is processed through the shredder.
4. Certificate of Destruction
A Certificate of Destruction is issued along with the inventory list of destroyed media.
5. Incineration
All shredded media is incinerated. This process converts the shredded material into energy that is pumped back into the electric grid. Incineration is the only Green way to dispose of the shredded material.
Data Tape Shredding

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