IT Asset Disposal

IT Asset Disposal, also known as End-of-Life IT asset management, is a challenge that organizations of all sizes are faced with at one point or another. More than likely your office right now has a storage closet full of old computer equipment that you don't know what to do with. Corporate Business Services provides a Simple and Affordable solution for disposing of obsolete and unneeded computer equipment

In addition to disposing your IT equipment, Corporate Business Services can help you securely destroy your hard drives and other storage media through our Hard Drive Shredding and Data Tape Shredding services.

If your organization has a one time purge, or an ongoing need, Corporate Business Services can provide an IT Asset Disposal solution that is designed around your specific needs. Our process is 100% Secure and 100% Green!

Computer Recycling Process Overview

1. Pick-up
Regardless if you have a dock pickup or need us to remove and box equipment from your storage room, we will provide all equipment and labor needed to remove your items.
2. Inventory (optional)
All items can be inventoried by Description and Asset Tag Number and/or Serial Number. Proper inventory is critical for IT asset management.
3. Hard Drive Shredding
All equipment can be checked for Hard Drives. Hard Drives will be removed, inventoried and shredded.
4. 100% Recycling
All equipment is 100% recycled for reuse, parts or their various raw materials. No equipment is sent to a landfill.
5. Certificate of Recycling
Once your recycling project is complete you will be presented with a Certificate of Recycling along with your inventory list.

Computer Recycling Services

2023 Basic Price List
Standard Local Pickup:
Computer / Server :
Laptop :
CRT Monitor :
LCD Monitor (Working):
Small Printer/Fax :
Network Printer:
Large Printer/Copier :
Misc. Accessories/Cables:
Removal & Destruction of Hard Drive:
Destruction of Boxed Hard Drives:

** This is a partial price list. Prices do not include serial number inventory of items. Contact us for a quote for your specific project. For large pickups, some or all charges maybe reduced or eliminated.

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