Hard Drive Crushing

Corporate Business Services can physically crush your decommissioned hard drives on-site with our Hard Drive Crusher. Although most customers prefer our Hard Drive Shredding solution, there are customers who's location does not have a loading dock, or space for our truck to park. Also, some customers require that the destruction be completed in-office, rather than at their loading dock. Our Hard Drive Crushing service is perfect for these customers!

Hard Drive Crushing can act as a complete destruction solution, or as a first step in a two phase destruction process; On-site Crushing followed by Off-Site Shredding.

Hard Drive Crushing Process Overview

1. Preparation
Customer compiles all hard drives that are to be destroyed. There is no need to remove server trays prior to destruction.
2. Inventory
All hard drives are inventoried by serial number. Inventory is done with a barcode scanner and laptop.
3. Hard Drive Crushing
Hard drives are destroyed one at a time using the Hard Drive Crusher, which drills through the spindles and physically creates ripples in the platters.
4. Removal and Recycling
Crushed hard drives are removed from customers location and 100% recycled for the various metals they contain.
5. Certificate of Destruction
Customer is issued a Certificate of Destruction, which is appended by the inventory list of destroyed hard drives.


Our Hard Drive Crusher

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