Hard Drive & Media Destruction Services

All organizations collect, maintain, and store data using a variety of storage devices - Hard Drives, Data Tapes, Round Reel, CD/DVD, etc. As organizations evolve and grow, much of their data as well as their storage media will become obsolete and will be replaced with new data and new storage media. While this obsolete data may no longer serve a purpose to the organization, it is still a liability and must be disposed of properly. This is one of the specialties of Corporate Business Services. We take organization's confidential data and dispose of it in a secure and safe manner, which will leave the organization free of any liabilities that were once connected to the data.

How is it done?

Corporate Business Services has a variety of On-Site and Off-Site destruction services. Our core Destruction Services include:

For all Destruction Services, customers receive a Certificate of Destruction summarizing the destruction services performed.

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